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541 Wiley Parker Road
Jackson TN 38305


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Vol. 4, Issue 1 | April - July 2018

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editor's note

Having grown up in rural Tennessee, I’ve seen my fair share of green (and even more of that nasty brown patchwork that makes up winter), but as a constant city girl at heart, I never quite realized the gift of green spaces. Both sides of my family grew up farming, and above is a Polaroid of some of my grandfather’s land in Kentucky. It’s been about four years since I’ve been to that place, and every now and then I feel a tug calling me back to the squeaky swing in their carport, driving my mind to that quiet place only earth and wind can take you.

But at the end of the day, I know it’s not just that Kentucky field that can take me there; even the smallest green space has the power to transform my thoughts and invigorate my spirit. And while I often complain, wondering where these spaces are in Jackson, Tennessee, I must ask myself if my not finding them has been a result of their lack of presence or my own. . . . Read more in the journal.

Katie Howerton, Editor-in-Chief


60 pages | perfect bound | full color
Printed in Jackson, Tennessee, at Tennessee Industrial Printing, Inc.
Launched April 13, 2018

featured writers

Gabe Hart
Clark Hubbard
Kevin Vailes
Kristi Woody

guest writers

Jordan Anderson
Chris Clark
Cari Griffith

Karen Hester
Ali Renckens

featured photographers

Katie Howerton
Courtney Searcy

Kristi Woody

Guest photographers

Katherine Cheshire
Cari Griffith
Hannah Heckart
Lauren Smothers